Some more of What we did for fun.
Posted Saturday, December 5, 2015 10:17 PM

Another stroll through 60s Durban, this time by

As  one of the photos accompanying the article shows 4 Jacks & a Jill, I surmise that glynnis might be  Glenys Lynne, previously with the Zombies.

She takes us from the Sunkist to the Little Top, from the Snake Park to le Macabre.   The second photo shows le Macabre, & a poster advertising Freedom's Children.

That really took me back. I frequently went to see Freedom's Children at the Butterworth, they were my favourite band. They were  psychedelic, subversive geniuses, ahead of their time.

They played there, & at Tiles in Hermitage Street, where I also followed them. They evolved from the Leemen Ltd. , regarded as South Africa's  first ' underground ' band. The Leemen  were the first to feature electronic keyboards, - piano & organ, loud, pumping & wailing. They covered theAnimals & the Stones. Their music was banned on the radio. They were great.

 Unless I am fantasising about my favourite band, the Leemen did play at our matric dañce,hence the DHS connection.

If I'm correct, that was the occasion when Wrinkles announced in assembly " That orchestra will never perform at DHS again".

If that DHS connection isn't enough, you can't escape the evidence of the 3rd photo. As my father would say " large as life & twice as ugly "  teen idol & photo-romans hero Beau Brummel.

Was he not also our very own Howard Carpendale, who went on to become a huge & enduring hit in Germany. I could be wrong here.

Well worth reading, it took me down memories lane