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Profile Updated: November 23, 2015
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Residing In:
GONUBIE, Eastern Cape South Africa
(1st) Penny born 1951, married in 1970 (until her demise 2010); (2nd) to Terry born 1953, in 2012.
Happily Retired
Debbie born 1973; Married; 3 boys, Matthew (born 1998); Joshua (born 2000), was chosen as Junior Protea More…in "Sport Climbing" in Sept. 2015 on tour to Italy; Ethan (born 2009)
Wesley born 1977; Divorced, son Chad born 2006).

My (2nd) marriage to Theresea in 4/2012 - Glen (born 1970) and Laura; (Powell River, B.C.); Alex (born 1973), and Angela, Kyle (born 2005), Jameson (born 2007) and Madison (born 2009) Vancouver; and Barbara (born 1973) Divorced, Travis (born 2000) and Kyra (born 2003) in Nova Scotia.
Military Service:



Joined Dept of Forestry in 1967. Attended Saasveld College for Forestry; graduated 1970; Manager - General Forestry & Fire-boss 1971 - 1981; 'Mechanical Heavy-duty' Harvesting Manager, Forestry Engineer on 'All weather' - Unpaved roads 1981 - 1999; Served in Magoebaskloof, Tsitsikamma, Kamanasi & Outeniqua Mountain Water Catchments based in Uniondale, Ruitersbos on Robertson Pass; Tsitsikamma, again; Kubusie and Fort Cunnynghame, Stutterheim District; and Weza, Southern KZN.
Retired 1999 to Gonubie, EC.

Taken up bowling; Social Bowler; Club Manager 1999 - 2014; Greenkeeper 2001 to date.

School Story:

Being caned by Deputy-Head each Monday morning, for 2 years, for practicing my sport of choice: Rowing on Durban (Harbour) Bay in association with Natal University Rowing Club. Absent from Rugby/Cricket matches on Saturdays. Rowing not recognised by DHS as a 'sport'.

Being a 'When We' had passed my Code 8 drivers license in Bulawayo at age 16, license converted to an SA license in 1965; so was one of the few who drove a car to school (delivering- and collecting my siblings, to- & from- their respective schools) and back home.

Which teacher made the greatest impact on you in your time at DHS, and why do you say this?

Sas Norse, Les Theobald and 'Wrinkles' McIver, as they found time (and time again) to remind me that my Father had been an excellent scholar and sportsman in his time. (Sas & Les were his classmates, and Wrinkles one of his Masters).

My sole ambition (1965/6) was to pass Std 9 and get a Matric Exemption; so that I could follow my passion....... to leave the city behind and head for the wilds.

Do you still see/talk to/hang out with any classmates? Who?

NO, not for many years. Having lived and worked off-the-beaten-track since 1966, only occasionally in the late 60's, a visit to the D.H.S.O.B.C. or to enjoy a beer and chat with Daryth McIntyre. I have little to no recollection of guys I was in with Class "6GS" .

Famous or interesting people you've met?

The Late Dr. Marjorie Courtney-Latimer of Coelacanth fame; we spent many happy hours in her company, while in the Tsitsikamma in the 1970's.

Buster Farrer - Springbok Cricketer in the 70's, long retired to Gonubie.

How do you relax?

READING, GARDENING, training my BONSAI trees (Member of the 'Border Bonsai Society'),


What are some of your favourite inspirational verses or quotes?

'Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you'.

'Never look back, keep focused FORWARD'

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While farming was out of the question financially; I worked my passion in Forestry; lived in beautiful areas in South Africa; my family and I soaked up the beauty of Nature; lived in close association of the natural fauna and flora; basically a lonely life but even today, my children have expressed their joy of growing up there.

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