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Dear Classmates

We were greatly encouraged with the turnout at our 50th reunion on 2 June 2016. We particularly want to thank those Classmates who flew in from all over the world to join in our celebrations. We also want to thank all Classmates who made generous donations to enable us to make the occasion so special. Thanks too to the Spar organisation - who sponsored the printing of the commemorative goodie bags we filled for the delegates who attended.

We encourage you to maintain contact with us through this website. A number of Classmates missed the reunion because of having to honour existing commitments. We would love to know when any of you are visiting Durban. We'll try to organise a lunch or some other function so that we can have a series of "mini reunions" to compensate for you not being able to join us in June.

We also want to encourage you to make use of our new section called "Catching Up" - which is now located at the top of the menu on the left. Whenever you get together with Classmates take a couple of photos/videos and post these and your comments describing the encounter in "Catching Up" .

Hope to see you soon.

Warm regards

The Reunion Team




Our Tuck Shop Chit Chat consist of 3 sections at present:

  1. Nostalgia (which contain links to items that relate to the 60s). This includes articles on what we did to amuse ourselves in the mid 60s: the places we frequented (Empire Billiard Saloon; Scene 70, Tiles etc); the "Durban Scene" in the 60s; and links to videos of iconic symbols of that period.
  2. Business Networking, where you can share anything related to your business needs. This could include:
    • asking for help with a particular business problem,or project that you are involved with;
    • showcasing your business to generate sales;
    • offering your specialised skills and expertise to Classmates;
    • advertising the CV of a family member or friend who may need a job
  3. Prayer requests (we will pray for you, your loved ones or friends - see 1 Timothy 2 vs 1; Philippians 4 vs 6; Ephesians 6 vs 18; Mark 11 vs 24; Matthew 21 vs 22; James 5 vs 13).

You can post your own items in any of these 3 sections. Please contact me if you need assistance with this. We'd also like to add other sections. Please let us know what new sections you would like us to include.

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Other links:

Click HERE for Durban High School website

Click HERE for DHS Foundation website







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•   Jonathan Goldberg (Class Of 1955)  17/3
•   John Mason  7/2
•   Rod Ellis  1/2
•   Francois Everson  30/12
•   Phillippe BouffĂ©  25/7
•   Cedric Parker  11/7
•   Stan Coffey  28/5
•   Des De Swardt  20/12
•   Geoff Caruth  29/11
•   Allan Jones  3/10
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16 live in Gauteng
65 live in KwaZulu-Natal
9 live in Western Cape
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8 live in Canada
16 live in Australia
2 live in France
1 lives in Ireland
2 live in Israel
1 lives in New Zealand
13 live in United Kingdom
1 lives in Zimbabwe
44 location unknown


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